About FMS Trade s.r.o.

FMS Trade, s.r.o. being established in 2014, is the firm focussing its activities on accurate pressure die-casting of products of aluminium alloys for all industries.

The idea produce the die-casting products is based on more than 30 years expiriences from another companies which produced die-casting products and tools.

We offer a comprehensive solution from drawing documentation, through the production and testing of tools and moulds in cooperation, to serial casting of pressure castings.



The company dispose of pressure casting machines, performs surface treatment by troweling, Cr-Ni blasting, and various painting methods (eg KTL) in cooperation with affiliated companies.

Weighing scale up to 2.5kg



  • Original Polak 630 – 6300 kN
  • Original Polak 400 – 4000 kN
  • Original Polak 400 – 4000 kN
  • Electric metling furnances
  • Hydraulic press machine 100t
  • Troweling device Roosler 600
  • Saw


Used Alloys:

  • ENAC 46000 /AlSi9Cu3/
  • ENAC 44300 /AlSi12/,
  • ENAC 43400 /AlSi10Mg/

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Ing. Ján Komár – managing director
+421 905 400 890

Ing. Tomáš Komár – managing director
+421 915 879 478